Our Services

Bedi and Bedi Associates is the flagship concern of the larger BEDI & BEDI Group (holding company), whose  mainstay is – provision of HR Outsourcing & Catering Services to its customers.

Bedi and Bedi Associates is a leading provider of both HR Outsourcing and Catering Services to  customers across the Country. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Bedi and Bedi Associates is a  professionally run enterprise that is lead by Senior Business & Operations leaders from across  industry. With revenues of over Rs. 80 Crore, Bedi and Bedi Associates has sustained a 20% growth YoY  for the past 2 years.

Established in 1986, by Flt Lt A S Bedi (Retd), Bedi and Bedi Associates has grown to be one of the most  trusted & respected names in the HR Outsourcing business.

Bedi and Bedi Associates was incepted with a vision to excel in the Outsourcing Services provision business  and was designed on the following fundamental principles:

1.To provide seamless, sustainable, feasible and cost-effective Outsouricng solutions to its  Customers

2.To ‘Excel’ in Service delivery to its customer-base

3.To continuously innovate and improve in all aspects of service delivery & contracting –  thereby enabling a flexible & adaptive association with its customers

4.To acquire, train and retain its Top talent to ensure continuity and retention of  knowledge & experience